It’s a Wrap . . . Pillow Wrap, That Is!

A new product line from Fabulous Interiors, LLC: Pillow Wraps!

Do you have throw pillows that are just “blah”?  Too bland?  Tired of their look?

Well, instead of going out to buy some brand new expensive designer pillows, consider a unique product from Fabulous Interiors, LLC – the Pillow Wrap!

What is the Pillow Wrap, you ask?  The Pillow Wrap is a fabric adjustable wrap that can fit all standard pillow sizes.  Simply “wrap” your pillow and be amazed!  Is that the same pillow?  It can’t be, you think, but it is!

We have a variety of styles to fit your tastes.  Moreover, if you have your own fabric, bring it in and we can make some for you!  Made with our idea or yours, the Pillow Wrap from Fabulous Interiors, LLC is a great way to add a designer look to your throw pillows at a fraction of the price.

The price for one Pillow Wrap is only $8.00

For those out-of-towners, we will soon be adding the Pillow Wraps to our Etsy page for easy ordering.

Here are some pictures to illustrate the vast transformation that can be achieved with the Pillow Wrap by Fabulous Interiors, LLC:






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