Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers: Take 2

A couple weeks ago I talked about using a patio table cover to makeover a less-than-perfect patio table.  This week I thought I’d talk about patio furniture covers in general.  Because let’s face it, they’re pretty functional (especially considering all the rain we’ve been getting lately) and they’re just stylish.

I like using patio furniture covers for many reasons, but one major reason is that it’s a great, yet fashionable money-saver.  I consider myself to be a furniture-diva and therefore, I like to change-up the look of my patio furniture often.  However, I don’t like to purchase a new set of patio furniture each year.

That’s where patio furniture covers come in.

Because it’s more economical, over the years I have accumulated several different sets of patio furniture covers.  By using different colors and patterns I can change the look of my furniture without hurting my pocketbook too much.  Here’s a recent example:

And hey, with the money you save you can have more great BBQs!


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One response to “Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers: Take 2

  1. Nice covers. I really admire you for realizing the need for patio furniture covers.

    Patio furniture covers are the best way to protect your patio furniture from moisture and other hazards that can greatly damage them. This works perfectly especially if your furniture have cushions.

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