Cornice Boards – Accessorize Your Windows

Cornice boards are a great way to improve the look of your windows.  So, what is a cornice board?  A cornice board is a lightweight frame that is hung above your windows and covered with a fabric of your choice. 

No matter how large or small your window, a cornice board can be made-to-fit.  They can also be constructed so that blinds or drapes fit inside them.  I also like cornice boards because you can custom design them according to your personality and style.  Simply find a good upholsterer, bring him or her your design (or have him or her sketch a design per your instructions), pick out your favorite fabric, and you’re done!  You’ll now have windows that have been accessorized to compliment the furnishings of your home.

Gary has made many custom cornice boards for our customers.  Here are a couple that Gary made:

Do not overlook your windows when furnishing your home.  Instead, incorporate them into your style by utilizing some fantastic cornice boards!


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