A Patio Table That Deserves a Second Chance

It’s that time of the year to enjoy your outdoor patio.  Often, people will replace a perfectly sound patio table simply because it looks worn.  If you’re thinking about discarding your patio table, please consider rejuvenating it by using a unique (and durable) patio table cover like this…

This is a vintage metal patio table, which is very sturdy.  Unfortunately, the tabletop is showing its age, but it’s not a loss!  I found a pattern of Sunbrella outdoor fabric that I like and Gary sewed a table cover to hide the tabletop’s ugliness.  He also reupholstered the chairs to match the cover.  Now the table looks great!   I chose Sunbrella outdoor fabric because it is fade resistant, stain resistant, and wipes down easily (a big plus for those messy outdoor barbeques).

So, when you consider discarding your patio table because you think that it has seen better days, think twice and give it a second chance!


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