Divide and Conquer Your Room

So, do you have one of those combo rooms in your house?  You know…the living room-slash-office or the guest room-slash-storage room. 
I do too.
Thankfully, the furniture world has blessed us with room dividers!

I think room dividers are just great—both practical and stylish.  Here are a couple scenarios to show how they can be used.
For the living room/office…think:  one room, two purposes.
So, you need an area to put your home office, but you don’t want to sacrifice a whole room for the purpose.  Believe me, I understand the dilemma.  Square footage is precious.
Here’s what you can do.  Decide how much of the room you want to dedicate to your living room area and how much to your home office area.  Once you’ve figured this out, arrange your furniture so that your largest sofa (or chair) marks the outer-most part of the living room area.  Then, place your room divider behind the sofa and arrange your home office furniture on the other side as you see fit.
It’s pretty simple.  I think the room divider works well because it separates the two purposes of the room, but isn’t abrupt. 
For the guest room/storage room….think:  decorative box-concealer.
I get it.  Storage space is hard to come by, and sometimes you just need to put those boxes someplace, anyplace; including the middle of the floor in the guest room.
Well, instead of the middle of the floor, try placing all of your boxes in a corner of the room.  Then, you can arrange a room divider diagonally in front of the boxes, completely concealing them.  Functional and decorative, and your guests won’t even know the difference!
No space issues, you say?  Well, hey, room dividers still look great!  
In fact, they come in many different styles–wood, iron, and upholstered.  So whether you have storage dilemmas or just want a new decorative piece, try a room divider!


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