Pieces That Make a Statement: Piano Bench Made Pretty by the Fleur De Lis

When I look at a piano I think of classical music, great composers, and silent movies.

Two adjectives also come to mind:  sophisticated and elegant. 

As soon as I found this piano bench, I knew that I wanted to add my own artistic touch.  However, I still wanted the vibe of the bench to be consistent with the vibe of the musical instrument that it’s meant to be paired with. 

Enter: the fleur de lis symbol.

When I see the fleur de lis, I think of France, and when I think of France I think of stunning cathedrals, world-renowned art, beautiful architecture, and of course, delicious pastries! 

Once again, the words sophisticated and elegant also come to mind. 

I think this fleur-de-lis-stenciled-piano-bench works well because it brings together like elements.   While both the fleur de lis and the piano bring to mind different images, they both evoke the same sense of refinement.  So while in some instances I like to use contrasting elements as inspiration for my pieces that make a statement—in this case, I think it’s the similarities which make this piece… a statement piece.


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