In-Store Vendor Spotlight: Organic Gifts by Diana

I’m a fan of being environmentally conscious.  I’m also a fan of home-spa products.  So when I came across the website for Organic Gifts by Diana, I was immediately intrigued. 

Diana is a local organic gardener who has been able to turn her joy for natural living into a delightful business.  Diana sells her own product line of soaps, lip balms, and scented sachets, just to name a few.  All products are hand-made.  All products feature ingredients grown in her very own organic gardens.

How fun.

From her Rescue My Skin balm to her collection of All-Natural Goat Milk soaps, it’s easy to see that Diana takes her commitment to natural living seriously. 

Diana offers her products for sale at her shop in Hubbard, as well as at other local retailers and places of interest, such as Fabulous Interiors LLC!  I have a genuine appreciation for what Diana is doing and am very excited to feature a selection of Diana’s products in my store. 

Organic Gifts by Diana at Fabulous Interiors, LLC

So if you’re in the market for home-spa products, check out Organic Gifts by Diana.

As this organic gardener would say…Experience Luxury, Naturally!


P.S.  If you’re doing any traveling in the near future, you may be interested to know that Diana also creates naturally scented one-of-a-kind eye masks and neck/travel pillows, many from vintage fabrics.  These are hand-cut, and sewn entirely by hand!



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3 responses to “In-Store Vendor Spotlight: Organic Gifts by Diana

  1. This is a fabulous write-up !
    Thank you so much – I am thrilled that you love my stuff 🙂

    Organically Yours,

  2. Yes, Diana makes the loveliest products – see her pretty sleep masks!

  3. Diana’s All-Natural Goat Milk soaps can be used on pets as well as humans.

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