Pieces That Make a Statement: Vintage Chairs With a Zebra Print Twist

I really think there’s something to be said for merging the conservative style of a vintage chair with the flair of modern-day, animal print fabric.

It just works.

vintage mahogany chairs newly upholstered with zebra print fabric

When I found these chairs, the seats were initially upholstered with a floral print fabric.  However, instead of asking my husband, Gary, to reupholster the seats in more of the same, I decided to try something different. 

Enter: zebra print fabric (my favorite of all the animal prints).

I think zebra print really works on these mahogany chairs for three reasons: the sharp contrast, it’s unexpected, and the pattern is used in moderation. 

Reserved meets wild.  

The mahogany wood and elegant shape of the chairs definitely presents a sophisticated, formal look.  On the other hand, the fun, care-free feel of zebra print captures your attention.  I think it’s the combination of these formal and fun elements, which make these chairs very versatile and interesting—I could see these chairs in a formal dining room just as easily as I could see one as a desk chair in a den.

Do you think of zebra print when you see mahogany?

Me neither.  Well at least not initially, I didn’t.  But over the years, I’ve really come to enjoy using funky fabrics, such as zebra print, to update more traditional-looking chairs.  I think the appeal lies in the fact that it’s unexpected.  Plus, I also think it’s fun to take a piece and modify it in a way that probably wasn’t anticipated when it was built.

Think: small doses. 

While I love these zebra print upholstered chairs, I don’t think I would love having a zebra print living room sofa (though I’m convinced it can be done!).  My point is, I think I fancy these chairs because the zebra print makes a statement, but isn’t overwhelming. 

So, to sum it all up…

Vintage mahogany chairs + zebra print fabric = fabulous.


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One response to “Pieces That Make a Statement: Vintage Chairs With a Zebra Print Twist

  1. Stacy

    I absolutely LOVE the zebra chairs. They look so rich! What a way to update a room and add that touch of whimsy! I can’t wait to stop by your shop and check these out. I hope they are still there!

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