DIY Project: One French Word, So Many Possibilities

So have you ever come across a piece of furniture, say a desk, which would look just fantastic if only it didn’t have that big scratch on top?   

Me too.  And then I discovered the art of decoupage. 

Interestingly, the word decoupage comes from the French verb decouper which means ‘to cut out.’  How appropriate, because that is precisely what’s involved.  Simply put, just:

  • tear pieces of paper into various shapes (I’m partial to using scrapbook paper);
  • glue each piece of paper to the top of the desk, one-piece-at-a-time (I use decoupage glue);
  • once all pieces are glued and the glue has dried,  brush the decoupage glue on top of all pieces of paper (be sure to completely cover each piece of paper and any space in between); and
  • let the decoupage glue dry (you can brush on additional coats for durability if you like).

Yes, it really is that simple.  If you are new to decoupage, though, you may want to practice on something not-so-essential-to-your-happiness first.

Below is a picture of a desk that I decoupaged a short time after I opened my store. 

white desk with decoupaged top

I tend to find that desks, in particular, are good candidates for using the art of decoupage.  In searching for pieces for my store, I often come across vintage desks that are in excellent condition, except for the tops.  When this happens, typically what I do is paint the desk (if I’m not content with the current color) and decoupage the top with coordinating paper. 

So fun, and very durable.

Not only is decoupaging a clever way to conceal minor imperfections; but considering how easy it is to find paper with various designs and colors, it’s also a great technique for personalizing a piece.

So next time you come across that awesome desk, with not-so-awesome scratches, or just want to give your desk a personal touch, give decoupage a try!


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