Me, My Store, and My Passion

Glad you’re back!  And now for a more formal intro…..
I’m Joyce Cravener, and I am the owner and operator of Fabulous Interiors, LLC, an upscale resale furniture and accessories store located in Hubbard, Ohio.  My store features high quality, previously-enjoyed furniture and accessories (such as desks, dressers, dining sets, and lamps).  Some of the pieces are sold just as I find them, because they look beautiful as is.  Others require more care, and that’s where my personal upholsterer, my husband, Gary, comes in.  In addition, I also specialize in painted furniture pieces–painting furniture using various techniques allows me to offer one-of-a-kind pieces, which I love.
The inspiration for my store comes from my own interest in personalizing my living space and my husband’s upholstery business. Prior to opening my store, I spent years altering furniture and accessories that I purchased elsewhere to make them more reflective of my personal style.   Also, in working with clients of my husband’s business, I’ve always enjoyed the creative process involved in assisting clients to make decisions about the look and feel of furniture pieces to be reupholstered by my husband.
Taking those experiences in to consideration, I guess my own store just seemed like the next logical step.  I’m so happy I took the plunge!
My husband and I have always been adamant about reusing older furniture.  Not only is reusing older furniture “green” (we’re big fans of the environment), but older furniture is also of great quality and value.  My husband, Gary, is an upholsterer with over 35 years of experience.  He learned the trade from his father, who was a talented upholsterer in his day.  I’ll be sure to post some before and after shots in the near future of furniture that Gary has reupholstered.  It’s amazing to see the transformation!
If you’re near Hubbard, I hope you’ll stop by my store, and if you’re too far from Hubbard, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog and view what’s for sale on my Etsy page (coming soon), where I can arrange to ship items at a very reasonable rate!
Thanks for reading!



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3 responses to “Me, My Store, and My Passion

  1. Nice blog !

    I have told so many folks about your store because I too believe in being GREEN and in promoting other local folks.

    I hope you’re doing well.

    Organically Yours,

  2. Judith Puskar

    I have purchased reupholstered dining chairs and a beautiful settee from Joyce’s shop, and I can say that the quality is greater than buying new furniture. Joyce has a creativity that results in affordable furniture for those of us who love quality yet have a budget to watch. Very pretty shop with used furniture turnarounds! Can’t wait to see the bigger store! Judy

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